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Academy Key Metric Calculator (Access Budgeting Version)
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The DfE have introduced the school resource management self-assessment tool, from 2019/20.

The tool consists of a checklist and a dashboard.  The checklist asks questions of governing bodies in six areas of resource management.  The dashboard shows how a school’s data compares to thresholds on a range of statistics identified by the DfE as indicators of good resource management and outcomes.

Entrust have now produced an easy-to-use spreadsheet which uses several HCSS reports to produce the data required by this tool, along with some other handy information school leaders will find useful. This report can be used as a standalone report for governors, as well as entered into the DfE Tool.

The spreadsheet is now available on SLA Online to purchase. Please head to the SLA Online website to make your purchase. After checking out the Academy Key Metric Calculator, it will be mailed to an e-mail address you select within 2 working days.  As part of the package you will receive a user guide with full instructions on how to use the tool. 
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