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Asset Management Planning – Including Condition and Suitability Surveys
POA - Please read service details for available geographies
Our property services team provides professional end-to-end property related consultancy services.

Here at Entrust we take a holistic view of property related requirements and opportunities. We ensure Schools, Academies and Multi Academy Trusts (MAT’s) have the best support and help available.

Our support includes strategic property advice and support for Asset Management Planning and a Hosted and Managed Asset Management Software Solution. Our condition and suitability surveys provide you with an essential step in managing and optimising your assets, enabling you to prioritise your investment plans.

Our Asset Management & Planning Consultants will:

  • Act as the principal point of advice for property related issues, providing forward planning, strategic direction and support
  • Actively promote best practice and safeguarding
  • Develop and implement policies and strategies in relation to the management and development of Education properties
  • Provide advice on Asset Management Planning and development issues
  • Help co-ordinate planned capital investment and maintenance to reflect educational and AMP priorities
  • Support the management of school-based Asset Management Plans
  • Proactively manage and champion property issues
  • Identify and maximise third party funding opportunities
  • Help brief and monitor new build, refurbishment and maintenance projects
  • Provide support on curriculum and space analysis
  • Develop operating risk management strategies to increase the protection of users of educational establishments
POA - Please read service details for available geographies
Please call 0333 300 1900 or email enquiries@entrust-ed.co.uk for further assistance
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