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WorkExperienceSpace Premium
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Only available in Staffordshire and Stoke

Work Experience Modules, Employer Database and Health and Safety Risk Assessment Package


Students have access to online modules to enable them to:

  • Prepare effectively for their placement
  • Complete a diary and record activities that have been undertaken during their work experience
  • Reflect on the skills that they have developed whilst with the employer
  • Receive feedback from their tutor throughout the process
  • Access to an existing database of employers

Schools have access to:

  • Instant view of employer sites that have been approved to accept students on work experience placements
  • Opportunity to add additional employers to the database
  • Ability to request for 75 desk based risk assessments to be completed for employer sites that are as yet not approved
  • Feedback as to which employer sites require a more in-depth risk assessment to be completed
  • Opportunity for 20 health and safety risk assessments to be completed at the employers site if this is necessary

Further information can be found at: https://www.workexperiencespace.co.uk/services

Please read service details for available geographies
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