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Approved BACS Bureau Service
Our Finance Services team will ensure your organisation operates efficiently and effectively whilst remaining financially secure and stable
Manage your day-to-day financial transactions securely and cost effectively with our Bacs Bureau service.

Our service is quick, accurate and simple and includes payroll, creditor and supplier payment, payment collection and fees refunds!

Entrust is registered as a Bacs Approved Bureau and has been tested for security, reliability and contingency arrangements. We’ll ensure only authorised users access the system and we have a full Bacs recovery system should it ever be required. 

We know how many financial payments schools and academies must make and how time sensitive they can be. We ensure a quick and streamlined process. You won’t need a swipe-card or any special software installing. Simply upload your file to our website and we’ll do the rest! 

Bacs payments and cash collections can be easily integrated into your existing financial management system in flexible data formats to meet your specific requirements. We can process Bacs payments from SIMS, SAGE, PS Financials and many more!

Why choose Entrust Bacs Bureau service?

Other bureau services may insist on data being sent via one route and in a particular format, which could result in you having to purchase conversion software. We’ll adapt to your needs. We use several file layouts, including FMS. We can also create bespoke layouts for other formats (this would incur a cost). We’ve yet to find a product we cannot collect from!

Secure transmission
We send all files via secure transmission through BACSTEL-IP so you can log into the Bacs website to check progress and download reports on the same day. The modulus checking system checks all sort codes and account numbers before your file is transmitted.

No special software required
You won’t need a swipe-card or any special software to be installed. We offer two collection options:
1. Send it to our website by encrypting the file with a password. Once this is logged, we’ll send an acknowledgement confirming the totals and processing date.
2. Email the file to us encrypted with a password and let our team know it’s on its way.

Business as usual...even if you change banks
If you use your bank’s Bacs Bureau service, and you change bank, you may need to purchase and install a new product. By using a commercial bureau, or a product to transmit directly, changing bank will not affect your Bacs transmission.

Our Bureau can send Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service (AUDDIS) files from Fees7, Direct Debits, and any other packages. 
To find out more about our Bacs Bureau Service and how we can help, please call us on 0333 300 0050 or email financeservices@entrust-ed.co.uk
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