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WEBINAR - Schools Financial Benchmarking

A one hour guide to Benchmarking using the benchmarking website and other useful Links


An in depth look at how to use the benchmarking website and other useful Links to produce comparitors. Which comparitors you should consider and questions which they may raise.


This is a one hour webinar designed to equip you with some practical tips and techniques on completing a benchmarking exercise. It will include the following:
  • Why we use benchmarking
  • Some of the comparators you should consider when benchmarking
  • How to navigate the schools benchmarking website
  • A look at further useful websites to obtain further benchmarking data from


This course will enable you to:

~ Understanding why benchmarking is a requirement

~ Ensure that you can effectively interpret the data into meaningful information

~ Be able to provide appropriate evidence to support your answers


This course is suitable for schools finance staff, bursars and school business managers

28 Feb 2019 15:45 - 16:45

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ISBL in partnership with Entrust
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28 Feb 2019 15:45 - 16:45




Davina Harper