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Mental Health Week - Poem Day



Covid19 was hardly invited.

Trespass it did and lives it has blighted

But the rallying call it evokes in it's wake

Sees the country rise up, for everyone's sake

And whilst just a part of the overall fight

Entrust plays it's part with the risk at it's height

Some colourful characters come to the fore

Gritty, determined, pioneering and raw

Adapting, contracting and always alerting

Reassuring when news can be quite disconcerting

Supporting the schools from our new office bases

With IT and Music and up to date Spaces

And field based heroes who go into schools

Dodging the virus, whilst obeying the rules

Some play their part whilst being in furlough

Keeping in touch whilst sipping their Merlot

As each day elapses the future gets nearer

Our lives are more precious, our loved ones much dearer

And we go on supporting at the dawn of each day

Cheerful and fearless, the Staffordshire way.


By Colin Bamford - Account Manager, Entrust.

21 May 2020

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