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Prevent Support for Schools

As part of the Government’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy (CONTEST), the Prevent agenda aims to protect communities from extremism and terrorism. Prevent also aims to provide and encourage inclusive communities across the UK ensuring we can all benefit from a diverse and therefore enriched society.


The Prevent Duty Departmental advice for schools and childcare providers (June 2015) states that schools can “build pupils’ resilience to radicalisation by promoting fundamental British values and enabling them to challenge extremist views”. To fully achieve this, a whole school approach is required where children and young people have a range of opportunities to develop an understanding of life in modern Britain and can develop respect and tolerance for others. For this to be possible staff need to be confident in their role, particularly in ensuring children and young people have a safe space to explore these sensitive and potentially controversial issues.


Our new package ‘Prevent - Support for Schools’, has been designed to support schools to address this complex area.  The package includes staff training with a focus on making your school more inclusive and how to avoid individuals and families feeling isolated and pupil sessions exploring diversity in modern Britain (suitable for Primary and Secondary schools). All schools will also have access to the Your Voice, Your Values resource and Primary schools will have the PSHE education scheme of work and Difference and Diversity Curriculum.


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29 Nov 2018

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