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Inspire your pupils with STEM!

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) plays an important role in the curriculum - by engaging more young people in STEM, we hope to inspire the next generation of engineers. STEM is a subject that offers a wide range of practical, engaging activities designed to fire up pupils’ imaginations. STEM learning can benefit your students in a variety of ways: -
Stay up to date
In a world where technology is forever changing, keeping up with the latest tech and understanding how the industry is growing is more important than ever. As work environments are transforming and businesses are implementing more automated systems, being computer literate has become a vital skill to possess.
Supports innovation
STEM encourages young people to transform your ideas into the next best thing. In a world of innovation, originality and ingenuity is the starting point for great inventions. STEM can help identify these skills in students and use them to think outside the box when problem solving.
Builds Perseverance and Determination
In developing STEM skills, students will have the freedom to think critically and creatively in a safe environment. Young people can fail and try again as many times as they need, embracing failure as a learning curve and learn that it’s an opportunity to learn from mistakes.
Enhances problem-solving skills
STEM education encourages problem solving. Young people learn how to examine and investigate problems and work to resolve them, helping them develop key skills to and encouraging them to think outside the box.
Teaches Teamwork, collaboration, and communication
Team work and communication is vital in working on successful projects. STEM learning programmes inspires young people of all ages and levels of ability to work together to utilize each other’s strengths.
STEM Learning Hub
We are the official STEM Learning Hub for Staffordshire and Shropshire. Working with and on behalf of local STEM employers, our STEM Ambassadors understand the needs of employers and engage with your pupils and teachers, using their knowledge, skills and experience to inspire young people and adults to pursue a career in engineering, science, technology or math’s.


If you are looking to develop your STEM curriculum we can advise on curriculum content and resource development. The Entrust STEM team have produced nationally available curriculum resources for STEM Learning and provides bespoke support for individuals schools.


To find out more information about STEM and how we can support your school and pupils, contact


30 Aug 2018

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