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Picture Mnemonics

Picture Mnemonics
This is an enjoyable activity to incorporate into a phonic session. It will help children to consolidate their learning of words with the same spelling pattern and makes great use of visual memory.
(Introduce the focus sound first with an alphabet arc/word building/sound blending activity). 
Then Complete the….. Picture Challenge!
  • Provide the children with word cards containing words with the target sound e.g. (ur) nurse, purse, church, purple etc.
  • Then challenge the children to create a poster incorporating all the words on the cards. So they might draw a nurse going to church holding a purple purse.
  • The children can then either stick the word cards on or write the words on their poster to label their picture. If they write their words they are also practising writing words with the target sound. Get them to say the sounds as they write them too.
(Make sure they write the sound at the top of their poster in large letters so that it is obvious to them which sound the picture mnemonic is illustrating)

08 Mar 2018

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