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Entrust and Inspired Children are on a mission to improve school lunchtimes!

Entrust and Inspired Children are on a mission to improve school lunchtimes!


The decline of play at home has meant that play in school at lunchtimes has become increasingly crucial for children’s mental health, physical development and well-being. Play deprivation symptoms such as aggression, poor social skills and anxiety are becoming more common and as play is one of the key criteria for healthy brain development it is vital that children are given time, space and resources to do so.


With this in mind we are working in partnership with national children’s organisation Inspired Children to deliver innovative training programmes for schools wishing to improve their lunchtimes. The training works with existing lunchtime staff to increase their understanding of their vital role in the school day and give them a wealth of practical experiences and inclusive games to try with the children at lunchtime. The training is informal, easy to access and helps to build confidence and it has already been hugely successful in other areas of the UK at helping children experience positive play at lunchtimes.


Play is not just essential for children’s emotional, neurological and physical development. An increasing body of research is showing strong links between positive play and learning indicating that a positive lunchtime enhances academic achievement throughout the school day. In addition Play is also an essential therapeutic function allowing children to emotionally reset and self-regulate. For an anxious child a positive lunchtime in school can have a profound effect on their mental health.  Entrust and Inspired Children are passionate about improving outcomes for children by making school lunchtimes the most positive experience possible and we are on a mission to reach as many Staffordshire schools as we can. If you want to be part of our mission get in touch to find out how you can access this unique training opportunity and make lunchtimes amazing!


The first session was run in May 2017 and the feedback from attendees was incredible;

‘Fantastic & informative course’
‘Excellent - content, pace, engagement’
‘Excellent, trainer very engaging and all course very informative’
For more information about the course and how you can book on, visit click here.

08 Feb 2018

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