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23 Feb
Adult Safeguarding & the Law
This training explores the legal framework to safeguarding of adults who are or may be at risk of abuse. It will raise awareness amongst practitioners of the legal options that are available to complement their professional skills, experience and knowledge. It will also identify gaps in the legal framework. The following matters will be covered: 1. Overview of safeguarding and protection including the Human Rights Act 1998 2. The new legal duties under the Care Act 2014 including the duty to make enquiries and duties to report. 3. Issues around consent including undue influence/coercive conduct
24 Feb
REC (Rescue & Emergency Care) Level 2 First-Aid
Over two days of training learners will develop the skills and knowledge to deal with a range of first-aid incidents and situations specifically associated with the outdoor environment. The course will enable the learner to: deal with an unresponsive casualty, perform CPR, identify and better handle a range of common medical conditions, deal with casualties with common injuries associated with being outdoors, manage a group within a first-aid incident , arrange for medical assistance through other services such as Mountain Rescue and much more.
24 Feb
British Cycling Level 2 Mountain Bike Leadership Assessment Day
The course assesses the candidate to fulfil the assessment criteria set out by the British Cycling Mountain Bike Leader Award. The Assessment criteria includes, but is not limited to: promoting a positive leadership image, trailside repairs and problem solving, equipment selection, personal riding skills, benefit / risk management, route planning, navigation, group control and emergency situation management. For detailed information see the British Cycling website www.britishcycling.org.uk/mtbleadership