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Chartwells Catering – How can we help?
06 Apr
Chartwells Emergency Provision allows non Chartwells schools to order small food packs that contain ingredients for lunch provision and delivered to safe Chartwells Hub schools for collection. This is available for all children, whether they be in School or collecting to eat at home. Key Worker essential boxes are also available. Chartwells are the leading supplier of foodservices to schools in the UK, experts in feeding children nutritious and exciting meals every single day. We partner with over 2500 schools, many of which continue to need our services through these difficult weeks and months, and we’re here to help! We pride ourselves on putting pupils first and the coronavirus outbreak makes the Chartwells philosophy even more important than ever. In these uncertain times, we will continue to feed and educate our customers wherever possible. https://www.chartwellscanhelp.com/
03 Apr
Do you need a fun, foodie way to entertain and educate the kids at home? Look no further than Chartwells NEW ‘cook-a-long’ videos with Chef Andrew and Special Guests! Tune in to Chartwells ‘SUPER YUMMY KITCHEN’ every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to get creative in the kitchen with the family and learn to make some exciting nutritious, snacks! Visit our ‘Simply Delicious, Super Yummy Chartwells’ YouTube Channel and click here to subscribe! Give us a follow and tune in! Facebook: Chartwells UK Twitter: @chartwells_uk Instagram:@chartwells_uk
Still Inspiring Futures
01 Apr
Entrust will always find a way to support schools and inspire futures, ensuring that every child receives a good education. Over the past few weeks you will have seen guidance from our Professional Services team highlighting how you can still deliver effective teaching, learning and colleague engagement using MS Teams, J2e, and Google for Education. We have also shared a number of other resources to support you at this time. In addition, we want to reassure you that we are here to help and working hard to ensure you have all the support you need through this unprecedented period. Alongside your local authority, we are creating new ways to continue delivering services for you. So, whether pupils are onsite or at home we are still here, albeit in a slightly different way. We’ve also noticed that this disruption has increased your dependence on us as during the last week alone, we have seen the registration of over 1000 digital music classes and taken over 200 calls daily through our IT service desk, so it is essential that we do all we can to provide support to all of our schools and academies. We continue to provide: Property Services Our Responsive Maintenance Surveyors, Statutory Risk and Compliance, Water Hygiene, Energy Management, and Business Development teams are operating as normal and are ready to respond to keep your buildings operational. Many members of the teams have been designated as ‘Essential workers’, as they help to keep educational establishments functioning for vulnerable children and key workers' children. We also have reliable remote capability to enable you to get the best results for your establishment. Education Technologies We continue to provide support for education technologies, such as SIMS, Safeguarding and Technical services. While these are delivered remotely, our opening hours remain the same, Monday – Thursday, 08:00 – 17:00 and Friday, 08:00 – 16:15 (excluding bank holidays). Of course, our self-service portal is also avail?able 24/7. School Finance Services Our school finance helpdesk is still here to help, taking all of your finance admin questions and providing additional remote support. You can still also access the BACS Bureau service to securely manage your day-to-day financial transactions. Education Improvement (SENIS, Early Years, Governor Services) All services from the education improvement team will continue as ‘usual’ via Skype, Teams or over the telephone. Courses will continue to be delivered via webinar and we are also operating additional telephone support, which can be requested via our dedicated mailboxes: Minority Ethnic Achievement Service – meas@entrust-ed.co.uk Behaviour Support – behaviour@entrust-ed.co.uk Early Years Area SENCos – SENIS@entrust-ed.co.uk Learning Support - SENIS@entrust-ed.co.uk Skills and Career Development Telephone guidance is available for Years 10 and 11 for support with their September choices and more importantly, to ensure they continue with training and development come September. We are also providing free careers resources online to help schools/colleges support careers provision. In addition, our STEM team is delivering online INSET sessions for STEM teachers, and webinars that will be made available upon request. Contact us to learn more. Music Services As earlier mentioned, we are offering digital music lessons for groups and individual pupils. These can be delivered at home or in schools, where they are still open. Please get in touch to register for lessons or ask your pupil’s parents to do so – musicservice@entrust-ed.co.uk Account Management Of course, your account managers are still available to help. They have a clear understanding of what schools want and need and are on hand to discuss services and developments that may have an impact during this period. Contractual agreements: We have accommodated our physical working arrangements to ensure that schools are supported throughout this pandemic, regardless of how challenging the situation may be. The future of our children and young people is paramount and while we continue to operate from the front with minimal disruption, our back-office processes have also been maintained to guarantee the future of Entrust as a business, the support of our customers and the employment of our staff, therefore, our billing schedule will also continue as normal in line with DfE guidance. Further information: For updates on support from Entrust, please visit the Entrust Website where you will be advised on our continuity plans, resources and guidance that may help you through this period. Regardless of whether schools are providing full or partial solutions for learners, remote or onsite, supporting families of key workers, or purely for administration, we have a range of services that continue to support your academic and non-academic activities. So, whilst we encourage you to observe your social distancing, please stay close to us. Be well, Entrust Support Services