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Learning Technologies: LaunchPad365
Technical support for the LaunchPad365 product.
This service provides technical support for the final year of your LaunchPad365 contract.
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28 May
Jon Lewis Cascade delivered by Rob Boyles
Please either book on to attend a session to hear Rob Boyles cascade Jon Lewis's update or please view the link of the recorded powerpoint presentation once emailed to you if you did not make the update in the Conference Hall
29 May
REC (Rescue & Emergency Care) Level 2 First-Aid
Over two days of training learners will develop the skills and knowledge to deal with a range of first-aid incidents and situations specifically associated with the outdoor environment. The course will enable the learner to: deal with an unresponsive casualty, perform CPR, identify and better handle a range of common medical conditions, deal with casualties with common injuries associated with being outdoors, manage a group within a first-aid incident , arrange for medical assistance through other services such as Mountain Rescue and much more.
29 May
British Canoeing - FSRT - Foundation Safety and Rescue Training
Foundation Safety and Rescue Training courses are typically delivered over one day and will involve at least eight hours teaching time. Candidates wishing to attend Foundation Safety and Rescue Training must meet the following requirements: • Able to swim in normal paddling clothing suitable for the prevailing conditions • Boat-based candidates must also hold the Paddle Explore Award, 2 Star Award or be of equivalent ability due to the paddling environment and the boat control required to complete the course • Bank-based participants accessing the course are not required to hold a Personal Performance Award. However, they should be prepared to fully participate in all relevant aspects of the course • A first aid certificate is not a pre-requisite. However holding a first aid certificate is strongly recommended for all paddlers. • These practical courses take place in calm, sheltered waters either as bank-based or boat-based courses.